Wednesday, 18 April 2012


'Iron Man 3' To Shoot In China by ClevverMovies


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kareena kapoor speaks out about the alleged brawl between khan and iqbal sharma at a restaurant in Mumbai.She says that" How this man who has his nose broken speak continuously 10 hours on tv. Saif is innocent,We were talking but not SCREAMING and that man came to our table and shouted on us, then saif said a sorry, but he still continued to shout,The fight began when Iqbal came from washroom, he pushed saif, and his father in law also joined the fight, then saif had also got a hit on his eye"

Saif was provoked: Kareena

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Being photogenic refers to the ability of appearing very attractive in photos. It is important to grasp that being naturally beautiful or striking does not necessarily translate to being photogenic in photos. Being photogenic is about awareness of how to put your best self forward, and knowing how to express your charisma for the camera. These are learned techniques, including applying your knowledge of the best backgrounds, lighting, and positioning for a good photo. In fact, it's not unusual for "Miss Photogenic" to be a different person from "Ms Beauty Queen" in beauty pageants because the photogenic subject has learned how to work the camera best.

How to look good in photographs.


If  you had ever accidentally deleted your important files or viedio clips you can follow these steps, it is the best  and easiest way to recover your deleted files. You can also use it to search lost files. It's very simple and the scan and recovery process is absolutely free of charge. No more stress.

How to recover ANY "permanently" deleted file from your recycle bin FREE. (Easiest way)

Monday, 26 December 2011


Secure a web hosting provider that supplies SQL database and PHP, ASP or any of the standard web based script technologies with their plan. Most of the reasonably priced hosting providers provide these technologies in their basic plans.

Download one of the free Content Management System (CMS) software packages such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress and install it on your web server. Most web hosting providers have automated scripts to perform this function for you in one simple step.

How To Make A Website Like MySpace/Facebook


Welcome :)

Everything here is so easy, that after you have gone through it, you can make a robot in a couple of hours. Why can't you do that now?

Because there are so many little things you need to know. This is an attempt to let you know exactly all these little things, and nothing more. Fast, and based on 2 years of experience of what people need to know to get started. If you hurry, you can run through this, and be robot builder in a couple of hours. But expect to use a good weekend - Learning takes time - even though it is very easy, it just takes some time, all the little things to get to know :)

How to make your first robot ?


How to prevent acne from ever happening.

Well, how do you go about doing that? The answer to this question is not so easy, since everyone’s skin is different depending on age, race, and genetics, so what works for one person does not always work for another.  However, the most popular way to approach this problem is through an acne treatment system that either prevents oil from clogging pores or kills the bacteria in order to prevent them from ever causing an infection.  This treatment should be repeated at least daily ideally, in order to ensure all day protection.   However, finding an effective treatment is difficult, and many do not work, which explains why there are hundreds of different acne products when you go to your local drug store.  The main problem is that they all work the same way, and are basically the same products just packaged under different labels.

How to prevent acne from ever happening.


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