Thursday, 24 November 2011

Joomla Tutorial: How To Install Joomla


1)Download the Joomla installation package to your computer. Unpack the files and upload them to your web hosting account using an FTP client or your web hosting provider's tools.

Log in to your cpanel account and click on the "MySQL Databases" icon. click on the link to "Add Database" and type in a desired name for a new database. Click on the link to "Add User" and type in a user-name and password of your choice.

Type in the web address of your Joomla installation in your preferred Web browser. This will be your domain name if the Joomla files are in the root directory or in "" if you've put Joomla in a separate folder. This brings you to the first Joomla installation page.

Select your language and click "Next." Make sure all the checks at the top of the page are green and say "Yes." These are the components required to run Joomla. Check with your Web hosting provider if one of the requirements isn't met.

Click "Next." Review the license agreement and click "Next." In the next screen, for the hostname, use "localhost." Enter your MySQL database name, username and password.

Click "Next." If you want to use Joomla's FTP tools, enter the FTP information to access the website, or click "Next" to skip the FTP configuration.

Click in the box to Install Sample Data if this is your very first Joomla installation. While not required, the sample data makes it easier to see how Joomla works, and gives you a preconfigured site you can customize.

Enter the name of your website. Add an email, username and password for the main site administrator. Click "Next." Click the "Remove Installation Directory" button to finish the installation and prevent others from rewriting your site.


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